ISO 9001:2015 Certified
Guidance Documents
Flight Operations Advisory Circulars
Electronic Devices 153.6 Kb
Approved Training Organisation 890.8 Kb
Passenger Safety Information Briefing.doc 159.6 Kb
Operations in Special Airspace 156.9 Kb
Draft Operator Quality System 710.3 Kb
Ground Handling Procedues for Air Operators 263.1 Kb
Crew Resource Management Training 423.6 Kb
Carry-On Baggage 243.2 Kb
Large Aircraft Ground Deicing 416.9 Kb
Training Progam approval 185.2 Kb
Flight Duty Time Scheme 260.2 Kb
Aircraft Lease and Interchange 356.2 Kb
Wet Lease 188.4 Kb
Minimum Equipment List 158.7 Kb
Safety Management System.doc - rev 695.2 Kb
Check Pilot 261.5 Kb
Surveillance of Operators for Compliance with DG Transportation Regulations 480.2 Kb
Flight Crew Basic Indoctrination Training 267.8 Kb
Air Operator Training Programme Approval Process 185.8 Kb
Extended Diversion Time Operation 181.6 Kb
Conveying information to emergency services in event of accident or incident of an aircraft carrying dangerous goods 401.3 Kb
ANS Advisory circulars
SAR Staff Training Programme 26.5 Kb
determination of air traffic services capacity 40 Kb
Job Description for CNS Staff 30.5 Kb
For OJT and rating board 38.2 Kb
Development of corrective action Plans 41.3 Kb
Job description AIS 23.9 Kb
ATS Incidents reporting and investigation 68.1 Kb
Descriptions for ATS Staff 44.3 Kb
Implementation of Human Factors Principles in ANS 74.4 Kb
Implementation of QMS for MET 294.5 Kb
Implementation of RunwaySafety Programme 48.2 Kb
Training Programme for Flight Procedure Design Personnel 28.6 Kb
AIS MAP Flight Planning management, Pre-flight and Post flight actions 22.5 Kb
Distribution of safety critical information 37.3 Kb
Implementation of QMS for AIS 27.6 Kb
Security Measures 26.3 Kb
Recording of Voice-Surveillance Data 56 Kb
Mechanism for Elimination of Deficiencies 44.5 Kb
Guidance on Flight Inspection of Radio Navigational Aids 54.2 Kb
Facilities Approval and Surveillance 29.7 Kb
ANS Contigency Planning 50.5 Kb
ATS Staff Training Programme 38.5 Kb
Availability and Reliabilty Standards of CNS Facilities- TC Nov 37.1 Kb
Certification of ANSPs 109.4 Kb
Construction of Visual and Instrument Flight Procedures 162.2 Kb
Continued Compitency of ATS Personnel 37.5 Kb
Determination of ATS Personnel Adequacy 104.2 Kb
Development of ANS Technical Material 85.2 Kb
Job Description for Met Technical Personnel 200.2 Kb
Job Descriptions,Minimum Qualifications and Experience for SAR Staff-Edited 66.9 Kb
Development of Manual of ANS Operations 64.6 Kb
Staff Training Programme 20.6 Kb
Training Programme for MET Technical Personeel 280.4 Kb
Determination of Aerodrome operating minima (2) 86.3 Kb
Personel Licensing Advisory Circulars
Application for Flight Crew Member Licence 357.5 Kb
Validation and Conversion of Foreign Flight Crew Licences 331 Kb
Application for a Flight Radio Telephony Operators licence 312.5 Kb
Authorisation of Flight Test Examiner 336 Kb
Aviation Language Proficiency Testing for Licence Endorsement - May 2008 314.5 Kb
Cabin Crew Instructors Authorisation 1 315 Kb
Cabin Crew Member Certificate issue-reissue-renewal 319 Kb
Conducting English Language Proficiency Training 313.5 Kb
Designation of AME 325.5 Kb
Flight Engineer Examiner 322.5 Kb
Flight Engineer Instructor Authorisation 322 Kb
Flight Engineer Licence Issue-Renewal and Reissue 325 Kb
Flight Instructors Rating 331 Kb
Flight Operations Officer licensing 312 Kb
Ground Instructor Licensing 315.5 Kb
Instrument Rating Issue and Renewal 347.5 Kb
Issue and Renewal of a Night Rating 336 Kb
Issue and Renewal of Aircraft Maintenance Engineers Licences 361 Kb
Issue of a Pilot Licence based on Military Qualification 334.5 Kb
Issue Re-issue Renewal of Ground Examiner Authorisation 326 Kb
Medical Certificate Issue and Renewal 325 Kb
PEL automatic validation EAC 77 Kb
Re-issue of AMELTo Comply With the New Regulations 328.5 Kb
Suspension and Revocation of Documents 325 Kb
Theoretical Knowledge Testing for a Licence or Rating 336.5 Kb
Validation and Conversion of Aircraft Maintenance Engineer licence 319 Kb
Aerodromes Advisory Circulars
Processing Construction of Tall structures 189.3 Kb
Aerodrome Operator's Personnel Qualifications 410.3 Kb
Protection of Nav Aids and Radar 459.9 Kb
Reporting of Pavement Strength -PCN 658 Kb
Applying for an Aerodrome Licence or Certificate 594.8 Kb
Land Use and Environmental Manag at aerodromes 258.3 Kb
Preparation, Submission of Corrective Action plan 389.4 Kb
Human Factors Principles for Aerodrome Emergency Planning 429.7 Kb
Procedures for inspection of Secondary power and electrical outage 471.5 Kb
Transmission of Info on Wildlife Strikes 552.7 Kb
Declared Distances at Arerodromes 296.7 Kb
Integration of Aviation Security Measures 444.1 Kb
Conducting Aeron Studies Risk Assessment 380.7 Kb
Selection of Site for Construction of an Aerodrome 377.7 Kb
Rescue and Fire Fighting Services at Aerodromes 813.1 Kb
Procedures for Monitoring and Reporting of Conditions of Movement Areas 473.7 Kb
Operational Safety During Works On Aerodromes 775.9 Kb
Guidance Materials on SMGCS 364.3 Kb
Procedure for Impact of change on the physical characteristic 533.9 Kb
Construction and Licencing of Aerodromes handling Aicraft not exceeding MTOW of 5700kg 498.8 Kb
Compatibility Study on the Impact of New type of Aircraft at aerodrome 194.2 Kb
Friction Testing of Runway Pavement Surfaces 413.3 Kb
Control of Obstacles 316 Kb
Criteria to regulate use of pavement - Overload Operation 236 Kb
Apron Management 290.6 Kb
Apron Safety 202.6 Kb
Control of Ground Vehicle Operation on Airports 472.7 Kb
Development & Preparation of Aerodrome Manual 587.5 Kb
General Advisory Circulars
Appealing the CAA decision on licensing.doc 307.2 Kb
Procedures for preservation, custody and disposal of FDR records 211.4 Kb
Introduction to CARs 290.3 Kb
Approval of Technical Manual 182.6 Kb
Five Phase Certification Process 307.2 Kb
Statement of Compliance 172 Kb
Quality Assurance System 393.2 Kb
Surveillance of Approval Certificate and Licence Holders.doc 314.6 Kb