30 December, 2019

Area Navigation Procedure (GNSS) has been developed for Mpanda Airport in Katavi Region to enhance safety and security of the aircrafts operating at the airport.

The satellite-based navigation procedure system by Tanzania Civil Aviation Authority (TCAA) flight procedure designers was officiated by Minister for Works,Transport and Communication, Eng. Isack A. Kamwelwe, on 28 December 2019.

The completion of the procedure has enabled aircrafts including the ATCL owned ones to operates at the airport. The national carrier is currently operating three flights per week, flying from Dar es Salaam- MPanda and Mpanda- Tabora- Dar es Salaam.

The procedure development costed the Authority Tshs. 25 Million.  Other airports with RNAV procedures are JNIA, KIA, AAKIA- (Zanzibar), Mwanza, Songwe, Dodoma, Tabora, Kigoma, Bukoba, Chato and Iringa. TCAA is in process of developing the procedures for Seronera, Mtwara, Songea, Tanga, Pemba and Mafia airports

RNAV is the satellite-based navigation systems that use a version of triangulation to locate the user, through calculations involving information from a number of satellites. Each satellite transmits coded signals at precise intervals.