ISO 9001:2015 Certified
04 June, 2021
Source : TCAA
Tanzania Civil Aviation Authority (TCAA), has begun issuing online permits for foreign aircraft landing and overflying Tanzanian airspace.

This was followed by its official launching by TCAA’s DG Hamza S. Johari in June 3rd 2021 at TCAA Head Quarters, where he stressed that, the system will reduce the duration of obtaining permit from 48 hours to less than two hours.

DG Johari added that, the system will also reduce chances of discrepancy compared to the previous manual application process, since invalid credentials will be automatically blocked by the system. “This system will also help TCAA to monitor its income as well as reducing bureaucracy, since airspace is money” added DG Johari.
“This system is internally innovated as a resultant of embracing technology as we aim to hasten the provision of service delivery through system automation. Various services offered by TCAA are now offered online”. said DG Johari

On his part Director of Economic Regulation Daniel Malanga emphasized that in order for the system to operate smoothly, the applicant has to write an email to TCAA permit Unit requesting service, where an online account will be created with a user name, password and access a link.

“Further, online application system gives agents an opportunity to accommodate up to five users, gives access to personal transactional details, as well as self printing of the permit and will only accept valid credentials that will be submitted”. Said Mr. Malanga