23 August, 2022
Source : TCAA

The Director General Tanzania Civil Aviation Authority (TCAA), Hamza Johari has been elected new Chairman in the African Flight Procedures Program (AFPP).


The election was held in Dar es Salaam on 23 August 2022 during the 8th AFPP Steering Committee Meeting at Julius Nyerere International Convention Center (JNICC), Dar es Salaam. 

DG Hamza has taken the position on behalf of the United Republic of Tanzania, a position that was prior held by Kenyan counterpart through the former Director General of the Kenya Civil Aviation Authority (KCAA), Captain Gilbert Kibe.

Giving remarks after election, the Director General TCAA thanked the delegates for electing him personally and showing confidence in the United Republic of Tanzania as a whole. He also congratulated the outgoing Chairman Captain Kibe for a job well done.

Director General TCAA said that the two-days meeting will be focused on discussing the best way to continue improving the infrastructure of the Performance Based Instrument (PBN) flight procedures including air routes within the African continent.

He added that; for safe landings and departures every airport should have its own flight procedures to support landing and take-off.

"The United Republic of Tanzania is one of the countries which have implemented instrument flight procedures that meets international standards. The procedures are designed by internal experts, said the Director General TCAA.