09 October, 2021
Source : TCAA
The Tanzania Civil Aviation Authority (TCAA) has conducted a drone sensitization seminar program to stakeholders in Zanzibar in order to raise awareness on existence and need for compliance with Drone Regulations.

A three days seminar was conducted from October 7th -9th, 2021 and involved drone stakeholders from Police Zanzibar, Ministry of Information, Youth, Culture and Sports, TRA Zanzibar-Custom section, immigration Zanzibar, Zanzibar Airport Authority (ZAA), Zanzibar Tourism Commission, Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Works, Communication and Transportation of Revolutionary Government of Zanzibar as well as drone instructors and drone operators.

Speaking during the seminar, Acting Director of Legal Services of TCAA Ms. Maria Memba informed that drone regulations came into operations since the year 2020; she insisted on compliance in order to have a safe and sucure aviation operations for all aviation users including manned and unmanned aircrafts.

Ms. Memba inform stakeholders that, all the drone regulations can be accessed from TCAA website via and urged them to read in order to widen their knowledge for their day to day drone operations.

On her part, Mrs. Clara Mpili Acting Director Safety Regulation of TCAA stressed that, TCAA will continue provide drone sensitization seminar to stakeholders in order to have the same understanding on implementing available rules and regulations for drone operations. 

On the other hand, Mr. Yussuf said who is a drone instructor and operator form Flying Labs applauded TCAA for the efforts taken to organize and provide a detailed information on drone regulations and ensured that they will abide with them in their daily operations.