26 November, 2021
Source : TCAA

The Tanzania Civil Aviation Authority (TCAA) Director General Mr. Hamza S. Johari, has inaugurated the 41 Tanzania Air Traffic Controllers Association (TATCA) annual general meeting (AGM) held at Peacock Hotel in Dar es Salaam on 26th November, 2021.

The President from Kenya Air Controllers Association (KATCA) Ms. Maureen Isika and The President from Uganda Air Traffic Controllers Association (UGATCA) Mr. Tonny Kepler Ssenkubuge were part of the meeting. Other participants include TCAA Directors, other Civil Aviation Associations (TAISOA na TATSEA) as well as TCAA-TUGHE Chaiperson Ms. Jackline Ngoda

Speaking during the opening, DG Johari applauded Air Traffic Controllers for executing their duties effectively and efficiently and hence requested them to carry on undertaking their work in order to sustain a safety airspace. “We are glad that we don’t have a record for airplane crash in the United Republic of Tanzania, and this is due to your tremendous work that you are doing”.

DG Johari added that, the International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO) Manual on Human Performance Doc. 101551 recognizes that, human performance as influenced by physiological, cognitive capabilities and constraints, contribute significantly to the overall safety performance of the aviation system. Aviation needs its frontline professionals like air traffic controllers to be on top performance in order to maintain the safety and efficiency of the air transport system.

DG Johari elaborated that, the manual also stressed on the implementation of the future aviation system which will result in changes in roles for aviation professionals requiring work across multi-disciplinary teams to support collaborative decision making.

“I assure participants of this meeting and the general public that TCAA will continue to maintain human performance of all professionals within the authority by ensuring that they receive all necessary all necessary training by allocating appropriate budget each year”, said DG Johari

DG Johari further expressed that, apart from job performance training, other training related to physiological and psychological issues will be emphasized, including but not limited to Threat Error Management (TEM), Team Resource Management (TRM) and Fatigue/Stress Management.

Also, DG Johari call upon all air traffic controllers and their aviation professionals to adhere to standards stipulated in their operational manuals, circulars and regulations in order to deliver the expected output. “A s you all know that, receiving appropriate training is one thing, but applying the knowledge and skills to perform the expected work output is another thing. Everyone should understand that, after receiving basic training and all necessary refresher training, it is the responsibility of individuals to to keep up to date on all necessary information and applying the knowledge and skills to perform the expected work output”.

Regarding to Air Navigation Services, DG Johari intricate that, TCAA is currently implementing various projects including installation of voice recorder at Pemba, Songwe, Dodoma and Julius Nyerere International Airport (JNIA), Installation of Automatic Terminal Information System (ATIS) at Kilimanjaro International Airport (KIA) and Arusha as well as Installation of Aeronautical Information Management System (AIXM) at all AIS stations.

“In the near future, we are planning to upgrade VHF communication system, ADS-B system in the Western sector and Construction of new Civil Aviation Training Centre (CATC)”, insisted DG Johari.

On his part, the TATCA President, Mr. Shukuru Nziku commended DG Johari for being re-elected as CANSO Chairman for the second time for the next three years. He also isnform DG Hamza that the effective performance of the air traffic management (ATM) system depends on competent and qualified air traffic management professionals. The ATM system is evolving towards a globally integrated and collaborative system.

“Air traffic controllers managing and operating this system must have a shared understanding of what is expected from them in terms of performance wherever they may work in order to support a globally interoperable system and to achieve capacity within acceptable safety limits”, said Mr. Nziku

On her part, The President from Kenya Air Controllers Association (KATCA) Ms. Maureen Isika applauded TATCA for organizing TATCA AGM and insisted that the meeting is important since members met and discussed on various ATM related issues and come up with resolutions on the best way to improve aviation services.

The President from Uganda Air Traffic Controllers Association (UGATCA) Mr. Tonny Kepler Ssenkubuge commended TATCA for their tireless efforts of improving aviation services and assured that TATCA and UGATCA will continue to cooperate so as to have a safety airspace.

The 2021 41 AGM Theme says; Air Traffic Controllers Committed To Your Safety. Air Traffic Controllers use AGM as a platform to discuss the work related issues of their career and the way forward to improve their competence on air traffic management.