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24 October, 2019

Members of National Civil Aviation Committee (NCASC) met in Iringa for two days from October 23rd, 2019 as part of its quarterly meeting to deliberate and review status of national civil aviation security matters.

Prior to the meeting, members inspected airport facilities; including passenger lounges, fire station, airside and the runway to ensure compliance with security measures and commended Iringa airport for zero report on pilferage.

Among others, NCASC is responsible for advising and coordinating aviation security activities between ministries, departments, agencies and other organizations of United Republic of Tanzania and civil aviation operators and service providers; and other entities concerned with or responsible for the implementation of the national civil aviation security programme.

Minister responsible for civil aviation matters appoints the NCASC from Tanzania Civil Aviation Authority (TCAA) whereby the Authority DG is the committee chair. Others are appointed from Zanzibar Airport Authority (ZAA), Tanzania Airport Authority (TAA), Police Force, Tanzania Intelligence Service, Tanzania Peoples Defense Force, Immigration Services Department, Drugs Control and Enforcement, Protocol Department, Tanzania Communication Regulatory Authority (TCRA), Customs and Exercise Department, Postal Corporation, Office of the Attorney General Chamber and Association of Aircraft Operators

NCASC is part of the National Civil Aviation Security programme. The programme is responsible for defining process for the reporting of information concerning incidents of acts of unlawful interference and preparatory acts, by any entity responsible for implementation of the National Civil Aviation Security Programme in a practical and timely manner to the relevant authorities, as appropriate.