16 days ago
Source : TCAA

The Tanzania Civil Aviation Authority’s (TCAA) Director General, Mr. Hamza S. Johari, inaugurated the TCAA Review Panel on 15 November 2021 at TCAA Headquarters in Dar es Salaam.

The Review Panel is established under Section 52 of the Civil Aviation Act (Chapter 80 of the Laws of Tanzania [R.E. 2020]) and it consist of four members who will be responsible for reviewing various applications arising from substantive decisions made on behalf of the Authority by a Committee of the Authority or one or more members or employees of the Authority and provide recommendations to the Authority on such applications.

Speaking during the inauguration, Director General of the Authority, Mr Hamza Johari congratulated the panelists for accepting their nominations which has enabled the Authority to meet its obligation under the Civil Aviation Act and which will assist in providing checks and balances especially to the Regulatory Committee of the Board of Directors.

“You are all welcome at TCAA and we are pleased to have you as members of the Review Panel and now I believe you are going to assist us in review of our various decision; and your contributions on that matter will be highly appreciated”.

On the other hand, the TCAA’s Director of Legal Services, Ms. Maria Memba clarified that, when a decision on a particular issue related to delegated powers of the Authority has been made and a person is aggrieved, such person may apply to the Authority for review of that decision.

“Upon receipt of such application, two members of the review panel will be drawned plus one member of the Board who did not participate in reaching the decision subject of the application to form an Internal Review Committee to review the decision before it. Members of Internal Review Committee must comprise of at least one lawyer and one person qualified in the field of application”, Memba clarified.

When giving his vote of thanks, one of the members of the Panel, Eng. Ndyetabura Hamisi, on behalf of the rest of the members, congratulated the rest of the members of the Panel for their appointment and pledged to study the aviation industry so that they can be able to meet what is expected of a member of the Review Panel.

The review panel is made up of four members; Mr. Walter Chipeta, Ms. Happiness Mchaki, Mr. Damian Mgeta and Eng. Ndyetabura Hamisi. The tenure of the Panel will last for five years until 2026.