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31 July, 2019
Source : TCAA News

The Radar flight testing for Kilimanjaro International Airport (KIA) station has been successful conducted on 30 and 31July 2019 as part and procedures for implementation of the four (4) radars installation system project currently carried by Tanzania Civil Aviation Authority (TCAA).

The flight testing by Pombele from South Africa, is conducted after, the project contractor Thales las Frans SAS of France completed the system installation, Provision Site Acceptance Test for Radar and ATM System (TOPSKY) last week, to evaluate the performance of a radar system and coverage. During the actual aircraft flight, data such as probability of detection, signal strength, coverage are gathered.

Similar flight was successfully carried out at the Julius Nyerere International Airport (JNIA) in April. Currently the contractor is installing the radar system at Mwanza Airport, and as for Songwe Airport the civil works is going on.

TCAA is carrying out a 67.3 Billion Shillings radar installation project to enhance its surveillance capacity. The project comes with number of advantages including increasing airspace utilization and safety enhancement. Disadvantages of operating without radar ranges from; underutilization of airspace, aircraft are forced to fly uneconomical levels, fuel burn and engine emissions are both high and workload for controllers and pilots is high.