Corporate Information

Corporate Governance

The Authority is governed by a Board of Directors. The President appoints the Chairman and the Vice-Chairman and the other directors are appointed by the Minister responsible for aviation. The Board provides overall leadership and strategic direction of the Authority. The Board is accountable for the overall performance of the TCAA in carrying out its statutory functions and achieving its objectives.

All Directors of the Board have access to the Corporation Secretary and independent professional advice is available to them as and when required. The Board maintains relationships with stakeholders through attendance of relevant industry consultation meetings, seminars and conferences.

The Board has three Committees namely the Audit, Risk and ICT Committee, the Finance and Administration Committee and the Regulatory Committee, which undertake in-depth analysis of issues before referring them to the Board with recommendations. However, the Board retains sole powers for critical issues such as grant of licenses, rule-making, decisions to hold inquiry and adoption of Code of Conduct.

 The Legislative Mandate

The current mandate is drawn from the Tanzania Civil Aviation Act Cap 80 of 2006. The Act covers the provision of air navigation services and the regulation of safety and security aspects of the industry, and also extends the regulatory mandate of the Authority to cover the economic regulation of air transport services, aeronautical airport services (airside airport operations, ground handling, refueling, in-flight catering etc) and air navigation services.

The economic regulation mandate involves the monitoring of the performance of service providers in relation to levels of investment; availability, quality and standards of services; the cost of services; the efficiency of production and distribution of such services; protection of the environment and the safeguarding of consumers and the general public.


The Act identifies sources for funding the Authority activities as:

  1. Fees collected by the Authority including fees payable for the grant, renewal and variation of licenses, provision of air navigation services, sales of documents, etc

  2. All the payments or property due to the Authority in respect of any matter, incidental to its functions and

  3. Any grants, donations, bequests or other contributions made to the Authority.