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Export Certificate

An Export Certificate of Airworthiness issued by the Authority may be required to provide confirmation of a recent satisfactory review of the airworthiness status of the aircraft and, apart from any agreed deviations, found the aircraft to be in compliance with the applicable Type Certificate.

The Export Certificate of Airworthiness is not a flight authority and does not authorize the aircraft for flight.

There is no validity period for an Export Certificate of Airworthiness. After issuance of Export C of A, the operator will have to quickly apply for de-registration of aircraft ready to be registered to another contracting state.


     • The Civil Aviation (Airworthiness) Regulations, 2017.

     • TCAA-AC-AWS004D  Advisory Circular on Export Certificate of Airworthiness


To apply for an Export Certificate of Airworthiness, the operator should submit a  form  TCAA-AC-AWS021A to 

The related fees and charges shall be charged to the operator. 


The aircraft must be made available for inspection at the contracted Approved Maintenance Organization (AMO). The operator will liaise with AMO to determine a mutually convenient time for the inspection. The Inspection involves maintenance and operation history documentation and physical inspection of the aircraft. 

The aircraft must be in the following condition:

    •  In a suitable hangar

   • Power available on the aircraft

   • Flaps in the down position

   • Any cargo bays open

   • Any equipment bays open

   • Any APU bays open

  • Engine cowls open

  •    Adequate access equipment (steps and platforms) available 

  • Adequate lighting available, etc.