The functions of the Authority shall be to -

(a) perform the following -

(i) to issue, renew, vary and cancel air service licenses;

(ii) to establish standards for regulated goods and regulated services;

(iii)to establish standards for the terms and conditions of supply of the regulated goods and services;

(iv)to regulate rates and charges;

(v) to make rules for carrying out the purposes and provisions of this Act;

(b) monitor the performance of the regulated suppliers including in relation to -

(i) levels of investment;

(ii) availability, quality, and standards of services;

(iii)the cost of services;

(iv)the efficiency of production and distribution of services, and

(v) other matters relevant to the Authority;

(c) facilitate the resolution of complaints and disputes;

(d) take over and continue carrying out the functions formerly of the former Authority;

(e) disseminate information about matters relevant to the functions of the Authority;

(f) consult with other regulatory authorities or bodies or institutions discharging functions similar to those of the Authority in the United Republic and elsewhere;

(g) administer this Act;

(h) plan, develop, regulate and promote operations of a safe, secure, and efficient civil aviation system;

(i) conduct safety, security, and economic oversight of the aviation industry;

(j) establish and implement the state safety program;

(k) establish an acceptable level of safety;

(l) advice the Government on matters concerning civil aviation;

(m) coordinate search and rescue operations of aircraft;

(n) deal with acts of unlawful interference;

(o) establish, manage and operate training institutions for the industry;

(p) plan, develop, and formulate the safe, secure, and efficient management of Tanzanian airspace;

and (q) perform such other functions as may be conferred on the Authority by this Act or any other law.

(2) The Authority in the discharge of its functions shall not perform its activities in contravention of any international agreement to which the United Republic is a party.

(3) In the performance of its functions, the Authority shall not award or cancel an exclusive license or a universal service obligation license without prior

consultation with the Minister.

(4) In addition to the preceding provisions of this section, the Minister may from time to time as occasion necessitates it, give to the Authority directions of a

the specific or general character on specific issues, other than in relation to the discharge of the regulatory function, arising in relation to any sector, for the

purpose of securing the effective performance by the Authority of its policy, functions, and compliance with the code of conduct.

(5) Any direction given by the Minister in accordance with subsection (4), shall be in writing and published in the Government Gazette.

(6) In addition to its regulatory functions, the Authority may provide air navigation and services; Provided that, it shall not provide aeronautical meteorological services.

(7) In providing air navigation services, the Authority shall ensure that a clear distinction and separation between its regulatory and operational functions is maintained.