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Certificate of Airworthiness

For any aircraft to be operated in the United Republic of Tanzania (URT), is required to have a Certificate of Airworthiness (C of A) issued by the Authority or an accepted certificate of airworthiness issued by the Contracting State to the Chicago convention.

To apply for C of A the following forms depending on applicability must be filled and submitted to the Authority:

i.       For issue and renewal of a certificate of airworthiness, restricted Certificate of airworthiness, and export certificate of Airworthiness form TCAA-AC-AWS002B , TCAA-AC-AWS002C & TCAA-AC-AWS002D .

ii.    For a special flight permit form TCAA-AC-AWS004A together with associated documents (insurance, pilot license, and Certificate of Fitness for Flight CFF).

For more guidance refer to the following regulatory documents:

i.   The Civil Aviation(Airworthiness) Regulations, 2017.

ii. The Civil Aviation(Instruments and Equipment) Regulations, 2017 .

iii. Advisory Circular TCAA-AC-AWS021C on acceptance of foreign airworthiness code for type certificate and datasheet.

iv. Advisory Circular TCAA-AC-AWS002B on Issue of Certificate of Airworthiness.

v. Advisory Circular TCAA-AC-AWS003C on Renewal of Certificate of Airworthiness.

vi. Advisory Circular TCAA-AC-AWS004D on the restricted certificate of airworthiness, export certificate of airworthiness, and special flight permit.

vii. Applicable fee as prescribed in           Aeronautical Information Circular.

For further guidance please contact: